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Dear Friend,

If you'd finally like to meet more women, go on more dates, and have more hookups without the risk of rejection and embarassment, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

My name is Sean Cash. I'm not a guru or anything like that. But what I had to share with you is so revolutionary and so exciting - I just had to sit down and tell you about it. So please bear with me a little.

Let me start by telling you I'm a dating advisor who has several clients around the nation.

And that's why my problem lies.

It's very frustrating that some of my clients simply don't have the confidence to step to a woman no matter what I tell them. They hang on to memories of past painful rejections which paralyze their attempts now. And to make things worse, when they do manage to have a conversation with a woman they reek of anxiety and fear which blows their chance at ultimate happiness.


How The Internet Changed EVERYTHING
About Dating As We Knew It

One of my clients in particular, we'll call him Kyle, was a terrible case. When I first met him I just knew this guy was going to be an easy fix. He had everything women wanted. He's tall, has good teeth, takes care of his hair, and is well read and well spoken. The guy truly is impossible to dislike.

Kyle in 2008I tried taking him to a few bars to loosen him up. Now mind you this is in a college town crawling with women... and the poor guy could barely muster up a "Hi!" to a woman. His shirt was soaked in sweat and he looked like he just wanted to go home. At that moment I knew my hands were going to be full. And I was right. After a few more uneventful nights of Kyle posting up on the wall like Dwight Howard in the NBA Finals I knew something had to be done.

One rainy Friday evening I invited Kyle over to my place and dug deeper. I had to get to the bottom of his anxiety and where it came from. The specifics of what we spoke about are confidential, but I was able to understand that Kyle's anxiety wasn't his fault. As a child he was picked on a lot in school and never really figured out how to get a girlfriend on his own. He never grew out of the mindset of that helpless child when it came to dating. It happens to the best of us.

As I understood more and more about Kyle's background something became increasingly clear to me. He was never going to be comfortable in a bar. It just isn't who he is. Kyle's a very personable and likeable guy, but he isn't the type of guy to run around the bar doing magic tricks, dancing, or using routines to meet women...

So I decided to do something a little different. I created a system where he can meet women online without the embarassment, risk, or pain of bars and clubs.

Truthfully I didn't know if this system would even work but I went ahead and introduced it to my friend and client anyways. I had Kyle load up his Myspace, Facebook, and MSN profiles and get to work. We took new photos to display certain qualities about him (remember: a picture is worth 1000 words), rewrote his profiles (less is more when done correctly) and then we started messaging women using my tactics to start the conversation while flying under the radar.

You wouldn't believe how quickly he was ready to doubt me!

But it works like steroids for those that try it...

About a month later Kyle started hanging out with this chick "Maria" that he met on Myspace. I was pleased to see him get his toe in the game. He also went on a few dates with some other girls he met mostly off MSN, but I could tell that Maria was the one. Maria was the perfect woman for him. She like him is a little shy at first, but opens up once you get to know her. At this point I thought to myself everything should be fine, right?

...the problem now was that I created a MONSTER.

For a guy like Kyle, getting the attention of beautiful women was something that always eluded him. He only had a few girlfriends in school and was ready to make up for lost time! This guy would AIM me once a week telling me off his escapades with the latest new girl he met off MSN. I even began to get a bit jealous at one point (lol).

Kyle and MariaThat was all fine and dandy but that isn't what Kyle came to me for. That wasn't the point of me creating the system for him. His relationship with Maria was on the rocks, and he was in danger of losing the perfect woman for him over some random MSN hookups. A decision had to be made, and after a few long conversations on the phone Kyle decided that Maria was what he was missing in his life all along.

I'm proud to say that over a year and a half later, they are still together!

Congrats Kyle!

So what does this system and Kyle's success mean for you?


Dominating The Dating Game Is
Now Easy As Pressing A Few Buttons

Stop worrying about whether you are rich enough, good looking enough, or have enough "game." Once you learn the tatics that actually work online, you will never have to worry about meeting or dating women again!

You see, most so called players have no idea what they are doing. Especially when it comes to the online game. The online game favors those that take a more concise, cerebal approach. Since everything online is mostly text based (hence, you are reading this now) those that know how to communicate EFFECTIVELY through written messages hold such an advantage over those that don't it is not even funny.

With my system, you will never worry about getting dates again. You'll be able to fire up your favorite website, login, and have messages from anywhere from 10 to 20 women who are interested in meeting you. And it can all be started in the next 10 minutes!


"I Hate Guys That Take Forever
to Make the First Move"

Thousands of women are online and BORED. They are tired of the wannabe's and guys with no game. If you have the right tactics in your arsenal for Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter then dating should never be a problem for you.

Why Not Get Started Right Now?

     Did you know that there are over 119,292,603 people social networking today? Most women on social networking sites are more than happy to accept your friend request. This could be a gift and a curse in one. Where you think some kind of romance could be cooking, she could just be giving you a courtesy add. A lot of women will do this, as one of their favorite games online is “let’s see how many friends I can get.” A lot of women just want the attention as well. Sending a quick message with your friend request will screen out the attention seekers based on their response.


That is a small example of how simple, effective, and powerful the techniques in my system are. When you get started risk free be sure to note page 24 right away. That will show you exactly what to do to increase your chances tenfold with any woman online after you do the following:

     Everyone is attracted to a leader.  This is why women love quarterbacks, politicians, businessmen, etc. and why you’re fond of a lot of them too.  Showing you are a leader on your profile can start simply by mentioning some of the organizations you’ve been involved with in the interests or about me section of your profile. 

Think about making your profile reader feel good!  Getting women to feel great about a cause is a great way to make them feel great about you.  Who wouldn’t like the guy that donates his time at the YMCA or Boys and Girls Club whenever he can?  These things don’t have to be earth shattering; they just have to be positive.


Pretty easy, huh?

The complete manual is 8 chapters teaching you everything you need to know to find, attract, and meet women online. You can get started in minutes.


Introducing My Step-By-Step System
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  • Meet a hot woman no matter what you do.
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  • Position your profile for maximum appeal!
  • Go on more first dates and second dates than you'll be able to handle!
  • Avoid picking the dishonest, deceitful, "bad apples".
  • Save your valuable time and find women interested in you!
  • Plan the perfect first date even if you seem to have the worst dating luck in general, and more...


Ready to Meet the Most Beautiful Women Online?
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Of course I know this all sounds far too good to be true.

If you're the type of person who insists on failing, and putting a half hearted effort in everything he does, please do not buy this book. This book is for the chosen few that want to WIN.


Women May Actually Respond To You!!!

That's right! The tactics in my guide are so powerful that some readers have experienced it working too well. Before finding my guide, some of them told me they NEVER, EVER, got a reply back online!

If you're ready to get going and give this an honest try - it will work! Here's what one of the first readers had to say about "Social Network Seduction" and it's legitimacy:


"What it takes to be 'the man' on the Internet"

Social Network Seduction is simply a stylish, smooth, entertaining, educational and INSIGHTFUL E-book. I've searched all over the Internet and I've bought many well-known dating books, e-books and subscribed to many newsletters. Not until Social Network Seduction has there been a more reasonable means of learning what it takes to be the man on the Internet. I've gotten so many positive reactions, responses and my network continues to grow with the information I learned from Social Network Seduction. Thanks a lot!

C.K. Beverly, Maryland, USA


"I Date who I want to date "

Mike, Canada


"Couldn't have done it without you."

”Its no good looking good behind a computer screen. Thanks Sean, without your help I would be bouncing all over without really knowing what works.”

"Ideal", New Zeland



"Okay So How Much Does This Cost?"

Think about this - the last time I checked dating coaches cost from $100 to over $1000 per month. And that's for you to meet with some know-it-all who's going to do nothing other than tell you everything you are "doing wrong" and try to change you to fit some kind of cardboard cutout of who THEY think you should be..

You could buy other guy's "how to get a girlfriend overnight" products for $50 and up. You could even hire one of those other guys - or even me to personally coach you. I charge $100 per hour for phone coaching. But you don't need that, because I've complied everything you'll need to know in my book, plus I included my email address in it if you do need any additional advice.

At this website, you can order "Social Network Seduction" with several special bonuses included. I have easily charged $39.99 for this package in the past. You can get it all now for a one time, smart investment of only $27.


So Why Am I Almost Giving This Away?
What's The Catch?

Well it’s quite simple. Since you’ll be downloading this ebook directly from the internet I don’t have to incur the costs of hiring an order fulfillment team or anything like that. I’m just a regular person, and because of that I can pass the costs I save directly on to you. Everyone wins. You don’t need to be a computer whiz to use this ebook either- it works with PC’s and MACs.


If You Order Now...

For a limited time, I am throwing in the following books absolutely free when you order now. I am also going to include some other secret bonuses I can't even talk about here, but only for a little while...

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"5 Steps to Online Dating Success" ($29.99 value)

Online dating is not all fun and games and there are a lot of things that a guy has to know about online dating before he gets into it full force... trying to pick up the chick of his dreams.

5 Steps to Online Dating Success reduces the learning curve and makes the Online Dating game easy. Starting with explaining what Online Dating really, really is - the manual goes on to reveal the Online Dating Success formula, broken down into 5 easy-to-follow steps.


Free Bonus #2
"Personality Quadrant's Dating Guide" ($19.99 value)

Becoming a hopeless romantic? Not having any luck at scoring a date? Or didn't do enough to impress your date for another one?

Personality Quadrant's Dating Guide is a fun-filled, light-hearted guide on how to get a girlfriend or just a good date by understanding yourself as well as understanding how your date will behave based on his or her personality type.


Free Bonus #3
Self Development-Hints in Affirmation and Visualization ($29.99 value)

Everything you need to know about self development through visualization and affirmation is included in this special report:

  • How to build critical thinking skills
  • Visualizing problems
  • Practicing self development through visualization and affirmation
  • Training to understand the mind
  • Recalling development
  • Forecasts in self development through visualization and affirmation
  • How to use your critical thinking skills
  • The process of affirmation
  • Visualization and affirmation exercises

I leave absolutely nothing out! Everything that I learned in order to achieve my own self development through visualization and affirmation I share with you.

This is the most comprehensive report on self development through visualization and affirmation you will ever read!

No stone is left unturned in this comprehensive report!

I show you the tools, tips and strategies you need to achieve self development through visualization and affirmation.


Free Bonus #4
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In this exciting eBook packed full of dating tips you will learn:

  • About critical elements of your profile
  • Do's and Don'ts in your profile
  • How To Say What They Want To Hear -- Critical profile tips
  • Fatal mistakes you need to avoid
  • And more!


Free Bonus #5
AudioBook ($29.99 value)

Busy? On the go? Or would you just prefer to listen than read sometime? We got you covered!

For a limited time only, we are going to offer a .mp3 audio version of the eBook so you can take it where ever you are!

Compatible with all mp3 players.


8 Week 100% Money Back Gurantee

Because I'm so confident, If I can't help you turn your dating situation around in 8 weeks or less, I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

So don't wait and wonder "what if" forever. Get started today. If my manual cannot help you, feel free to keep the bonuses and simply take advantage of this money back gurantee. No hard feelings. Now isn't that fair?

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In just a few minutes you can go to your favorite peer network, beaming with excitement because you know you've got all the right moves to win the game with you.

Remember this is all risk-free thanks to my 8 week guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Let's turn the corner today.



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